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Welcome to LeRoc Surrey, now over 22 years in Surrey!

Middle Age CoupleLeRoc Surrey is an independent modern jive dance organisation based in the South East of England, operating classes and freestyle dances at various venues in the Surrey area. We began back in Guildford on 1st November 1995 and rapidly atttracted dancers, moving to Dorking in late 1998 and many thousands of dancers have joined us since. (memberships nearly 7,000)

Every week, many complete beginners come to learn to dance LeRoc with us.

LeRoc is a fusion of Modern Jive, Smooth, Tango, West Coast Swing and Latin dance styles. It’s a dance for almost every occasion, and it looks brilliant whether you are a complete beginner or an expert.

Colin and BrunoLeRoc is easy to learn, sociable, fun, and can be danced to most styles of music. A LeRoc night is a great way to meet people, have fun and keep fit!

Colin Shaul is the founder of LeRoc Surrey and is supported by a large team of crew members and dance friends, many have been with us since the start back in 1995.

Colin began dancing modern jive in 1993 and then opened his own club in 1995. He is well known on the dance circuit as a Teacher and DJ at many dance weekenders. He is also a club member of the LeRoc Modern Jive Federation. He is a partner at MJRoc Dance Weekenders.

LeRoc Surrey currently operates one regular weekly dance class locations in Dorking, plus further events each weekend at a freestyle dance venue on either a Friday or Saturday - check the calendar and our Facebook page for details.

Sadly after nearly 18 years of running of running Monday nights at intially Friends Provident club Dorking, which became Friends Life, then Aviva, its doors closed in October 2016, due to the venue closing.
Watch this space for a new Monday night venue or even another night!!

We could be popping up in one of our venues in


we take photos at our events and people love seeing themselves. Property of photos is LeRoc Surreys but feel free to copy from our Facebook pages.
You dance at our events knowingly know that we take photos in the  evening. Should you see a photo that wish to discuss with a reason, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss whether it should/could be taken down. Chat with Colin.

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 Our sister Dance Weekender compaines are MJRoc Warmwell  & BeachRoc Isle of Wight. Check out the links page.
Every event has sold out to present date.
BeachRoc "Hotel" Dance Weekender April every year since 2015 - with 250 dancers
Warmwell "Lodges" Dance Weekenders November every year since 2010 - with 650 dancers